CX Workshops

Based on our long-standing experience in relations with customers or, looking at it more broadly, with people, we are happy to share our knowledge. We organise workshops that broaden competences of customer experience employees.

We conduct trainings for management staff, consultants, as well as for anyone who wants to broaden their communication skills. All trainings are conducted by certified trainers and can take place either on-site, remotely or in a hybrid mode.

Training for executives

Effective feedback

The training is addressed to managers, coordinators, leaders and all those who work with a team and would like to learn methods of providing effective, but also motivating feedback. The training will also teach you how to communicate with your colleagues and how to give constructive information.

During the training:

  • You will learn methods of providing feedback
  • You will practice giving feedback in practice. The exercise will also cover difficult situations
  • We will also work on your assertiveness, so you learn to avoid submissive or aggressive behaviour


Effective communication

This training aims to strengthen your communication skills so that you can communicate effectively and efficiently with your team or colleagues. We will focus on improving communication, good practices and overcoming individual barriers in professional relationships. The training is designed to be attractive to both management and lower-level employees.

  • You will learn methods of effective communication that will help you create a positive atmosphere in the team and effectively convey information
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Overcome your own weaknesses and barriers to effective communication


Effective employee motivation and leader self-motivation

The training is focused on learning and practicing specific tools for motivating employees. We will also teach you how to lead a team through changes. You will learn about personality types, on the basis of which you will develop an appropriate and individual strategy to work on the result.

  • You will get to know methods of positive and negative motivation.
  • You will prepare a ready-made plan for motivating your team.
  • You will become aware of what drives you to act and how you can motivate yourself


Managing a team – how to delegate tasks, assign and account for objectives and work results

The training is designed to enable participants to develop their own team management style. It shows how to communicate with employees so that they understand exactly what we want to tell them. Methods of effective motivation and work evaluation will be discussed.

  • You will improve your leadership competences and team management
  • You will learn how to maximise your time in order to increase your own and your employees’ effectiveness
  • Diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your current management style and the opportunities and threats you face
  • Learn how to set goals and account for them


Training for Consultants/Advisers

Build positive Customer Experience

Training conducted in the form of a workshop. Thanks to this training you will learn good practices in building positive Customer Experience. Thanks to it, you will improve your relations with a customer and achieve the assumed goals.

  • You will practice difficult situations which you encounter on an everyday basis with your customers
  • You will learn how to research and diagnose customer needs, using CX tools and practices
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction


How to deal with the so called Difficult Customer

The training is dedicated to consultants, salespeople and all people who deal with customer service. The aim of the training is to get to know the typology of customers, and a set of practical rules shaping effectiveness in situations with difficult customers.

  • You will develop ready-made solutions to situations you have faced
  • You will broaden your perspectives on the difficulties related to customer service
  • Practice difficult situations and improve communication skills


Master telephone selling from the ground up

During the training, you will learn various sales techniques and how to use them. Thanks to our practice and experience, we will direct you to effective solutions and tailored strategies for the sales conversation. You will increase your results and the level of customer loyalty.

  • Learn about sales methods and sales closing
  • Practice converting customer objections into sales opportunities
  • Learn communication tools appropriate to the situation and the customer’s possible reactions


How not to fall into a sales routine

The training will show you what you can do differently to add freshness to your sales activities. This will make the client stop seeing you as just another salesperson and start treating you as an equal partner in conversation.

  • You will learn to look for new mechanisms of action
  • Discover your inner potential (my routine – my inner predisposition)
  • Diagnose the negative effects of routine behaviour on the customer


Trainings for everyone

Managing yourself in time

Effective time management is a training programme thanks to which you can develop the ability to effectively achieve your goals and learn the most effective modern techniques related to work organisation, habit building and priority setting.

  • You will learn how to manage yourself in time
  • You will practice methods of habit building to help you organise your work
  • Develop a method for goal setting and effective planning
  • Get to know the “time thieves”


Creative thinking workshop – improving solutions

There is no better way to improve your effectiveness at work than an intensive exchange with practitioners who test the possibilities of their creative thinking on a daily basis. The creativity training conducted with us will certainly inspire you to create new products or services, you will learn techniques that support creative thinking, so you can improve your actions.

  • You will learn creative thinking techniques
  • You will practice the ways of creative thinking
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