E-commerce and retail

A team of Voice Contact Center consultants will support your customers in the sales and after-sales processes. We support both online and brick-and-mortar stores. We are customer experience experts, a multi-task contact center team that provides comprehensive and multi-channel customer service, creating a positive customer experience and the highest quality of the relationship.

On behalf of your company, Voice Contact Center can professionally take care of:

  • Providing information on your products and their availability.
  • Information about forms and status of payment and delivery.
  • Order processing.
  • Checking or changing the place and date of delivery, accepting and processing complaints.
  • Handling returns.
  • Taking care of back-office tasks related to store operations (e.g. verifying and preparing product descriptions) and after-sales customer service (e.g. invoicing).
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys (NPS, CSat, CES, etc.).
  • Technology Helpdesk – support for users of online stores, portals, and mobile applications.

We are distinguished by a high flexibility of adjusting to the dynamics of traffic, thus being able to help your company handle sales peaks and adjust the service to seasonal needs. As a complement to the work of our consultants, we offer voicebot and chatbot services – more on this topic in the PRIMEBOT tab.

Business Development Manager

Please contact us: +48 578 554 755