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A satisfied customer is a customer who has been served effectively, so quality and positive experiences are the foundation of our business.

As contact center experts with many years of experience, we create complex customer service offices, consumer services and Helpdesks. We support sales and after-sales processes. We handle and resolve complaints. We run CATI surveys and back-office activities.  We run numerous product, sales and technical Hotlines.

We support all contact channels: telephone, e-mail, chat, video chat, social media, SMS, WhatsApp, traditional mail. We also carry out service activities via voicebot and chatbot using our in-house technology – Primebot.

We provide services in multiple languages ensuring an excellent customer experience from different locations around the world. With us, you will show your customers that you care, because Voice Contact Center creates only positive experiences.

Customer service

We offer comprehensive customer service using all communication channels of a modern contact center. We deal with all processes requiring customer interaction with the company, both in the first and second line of support. As part of multitasking service, we perform front, middle and back-office tasks.

With the cooperation with Voice Contact Center, your customers will gain a single point of contact, i.e. comprehensive handling of each matter in one place.

Running customer service offices, we deal with the registration of requests and their processing, handling of tickets, and handling of complaints. After taking over the contact, we provide comprehensive information or smoothly coordinate the handling of the matter in the internal departments of the company for which the service is rendered. We are the supporters of the customers who contact us. While performing our tasks, we take care of their satisfaction, at the same time safeguarding the good image and interests of the serviced company. We create positive experiences.


Do your customers often call or write to find out what options they have? With us, they always receive precise and comprehensive information. Our consultants provide the information and handle specific processes.

With the positive customer experience provided by Voice Contact Center, your customer can get full information about the product, service, loyalty plan or offers.
For us, no situation is difficult; we can handle each one that comes along.

For our customers we provide:

  • Product Hotlines.
  • Promotional Hotlines.
  • Hotlines – emergency and intervention Hotlines.
  • Hotlines dedicated to specific recipients, e.g. business partners or employees.
  • Sales Hotlines.


With us, you can rest assured that your customers will be always professionally served by our consultants.
Voice Contact Center offers specialized support in the use of systems, applications and tools, supported by extensive technical knowledge and competencies of the team that supports the project. We ensure the highest standard of service through positive customer experience and effective troubleshooting.

Our specialists will carry out the first stage of service support and provide all the necessary information. Then, if needed, they will act as case managers, coordinating the logistics and the necessary repair process. We are also happy to lead projects that require technical expertise and a dedicated team of advisers with specific competencies. We are no stranger to handling cases within the advanced Tier 2-4 support line.

We are always available to meet your needs. Voice Contact Center Helpdesk teams work for international customers providing multilingual support in one place around the clock (24/7).

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