We excel in demanding and non-standard services for the travel industry.
We know how to ensure high efficiency, quality, and excellent customer experience when the incoming traffic is seasonal – it can increase 10 times during the peak holiday season, only to fall back to the minimum in autumn.

As part of our support for the tourism industry, Voice Contact Center operates a sales Hotline for the agency network and for tourists who have already bought their vacations. We answer all questions about the hotel base, reservation changes, first and last minute, required COVID tests or insurance.

Voice Contact Center is distinguished by its understanding of the specifics of seasonality and great flexibility, thanks to which we can always adjust the scale to the changing needs of the tourist industry. As a complement to the work of our consultants, we offer voicebot and chatbot services – more information can be found in the PRIMEBOT tab.

Business Development Manager

Please contact us: +48 578 554 755