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Voice Contact Center is the creator of its own AI technology solution.

Our Primebot is a conversational bot based on machine learning methods. It is capable of conducting a non-linear dialogue, reacting to the customer’s natural speech, not just specific commands. We provide the service over the phone (voicebot) and via chat (chatbot). Primebot can replace a consultant in repetitive customer service processes.

The voicebot created by us works well as an intelligent IVR – the first line of contact between the customer and the service office. It’s also great at conducting CATI surveys, supporting sales processes such as lead generation, monitoring and debt collection, confirming visits and meetings, verifying the status of a case. It can independently handle specific processes and tasks traditionally conducted by teams of consultants.

Chatbot is an excellent solution for customer service in recurring matters, e.g. in providing information on the company’s products, services and procedures. It informs the customer about the status of the case or order. It can support the customer when searching for products in an online shop or information in a database. Primebot conducts a dialogue with the customer through dedicated chat applications (e.g. Livechat, omnichannel contact center systems) directly connected to the website or through popular communicators such as Messenger or WhatsApp.

The advantage of bots is 24/7 availability, unlimited scalability and cost optimization. In the long term, a bot reduces contact center costs by up to 50%.

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