Social Media

More and more customers are seeking information about products and services on social media. According to the latest data, 49% of the population contacts brands via Facebook or Instagram. With the Voice Contact Center’s cooperation, your customers will gain a single point of contact to handle all communication channels in one place. We deal with social media moderation. We handle Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. We will ensure high standards of service, consistent information across all contact channels and quick response times to customer queries.

Our advantage is the ability to combine social media with running a multi-channel customer service desk. We create dedicated teams of specialists who will not only be properly prepared for the specific SoMe communication but will also have full factual knowledge about your company and products. This solution allows you to significantly reduce response times, increase CES and FCR, and ultimately have a positive impact on customer experience.

For the sake of your brand, we also offer active monitoring of all posts, comments, and queries on the Internet and quick response in line with your company’s policy.
By working with us, you get access to modern technologies, such as proprietary bots perfectly suited for chatting (chatbot) and voice chat (voicebot).

We will also take care of periodic support during peak traffic moments (e.g. seasonal peaks, crises) and support you in handling complaints.

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