New operations center in Rzeszow

The increase in employment and the opening of a new office in Rzeszów is a result of the company’s intensive growth and the expansion of the Voice Contact Center’s portfolio of clients, from the OEX Group.

In 2022, we started cooperation with, among others, TAURON Obsługa Klienta, German furniture brand Loberon, Nextbike unmanned bicycle rental network and CCC.

The choice of Rzeszów, as the next location of the operations center, was preceded by a study of recruitment potential and the possibility of acquiring specialists for service in Polish, but also in foreign languages. As in the case of Lublin, where 2 of our centers already operate, Rzeszow attracts many students, for whom work in the contact center is attractive due to its flexibility and ability to adjust their schedules. We also offer a lot of training to quickly learn the specifics of our systems and technologies. – explains Krzysztof Banaś, Operations & Client Director at VCC.

The 330-square-meter premises rented for the operations center are located in the very center of Rzeszow, in Karowa Office on Rejtana Street. The premises are renovated and arranged for the needs of the contact center.

We want to be an attractive employer, so we strive to ensure that the office and operational spaces meet the requirements of the people we hire, and attract employees who identify with our organizational culture and will stay with us for the long term. It is important to us that the contact center is not a crowded open space, but is modern, functional and provides comfort for consultants. We want our employees to have space, comfortable social rooms and a relaxation area.- adds Krzysztof Banaś.

The plan is to expand the Rzeszow branch and recruit more consultants. Currently, 50 operational positions have been prepared. Voice Contact Center also has offices in Warsaw, Lodz, and Lublin. Together with the newly opened Rzeszow office, the company has 915 contact center positions and works with nearly 1,500 specialists. Since the pandemic began, the company has introduced a model of remote and then hybrid work.

“Remote work was initially a necessity, and later became a popular and often even desired form of service delivery for consultants. We implemented such solutions because of the pandemic, but now we see such a model as expected by employees, while also efficient and effective. It also increases our flexibility and ability to scale up operations quickly. When this is possible and accepted by our customers, we strive to provide such an opportunity. Our key value in cooperation with our clients is the quality and security of the services we provide, which requires the implementation of appropriate standards for remote work,” explains Krzysztof Banaś.

Remote work was one of the issues raised in a survey conducted by VCC among managers responsible for the CX area in their organizations. The Customer Experience Trends report published by the company shows that respondents agree that this collaboration model will remain in customer service teams. More than 50% of respondents indicated that it will be adopted on a permanent basis. The remainder linked the possibility of working remotely to factors such as consultant performance, shift work, or circumstances such as a pandemic.