What is Customer Experience?

The term Customer Experience is increasingly popular in publications related to the activities of companies in Poland. However, not everyone consciously participates in this process yet. If you want to find out more: what is CX? Who does it concern? And is there anything to worry about at all? I invite you to read.


The art of choice

You can probably quickly answer the question why you have chosen this mobile phone operator and not another, where you most often buy bread, books, CDs, electronic equipment, clothes or home equipment, why you refuel at this petrol station, use the services of this insurance agent or advisor. Every day we become customers by buying products or using services, and in each such situation we are faced with the choice of a company, a brand, a service provider. It turns out that price, quality and value for money do not always play a decisive role in this choice. More and more often our personal experiences connected with the whole process of purchase or service and contact with a given brand dominate the scales. All our experiences generate emotions that drive the choices we make.


A psychological point of view

Each of us perceives things and situations on three levels: cognitive, behavioural and emotional. The cognitive plane is concerned with facts (examples are price, service time or service delivery), the behavioural plane is concerned with how an event will affect our behaviour. The third plane, emotional, is our subjective evaluation of the event, which we often make subconsciously.

Managing these experiences and emotions of customers throughout all its contacts with the company is what Customer Experience (CX) is all about. It is worth noting that it is not a single scheme or strategy, but a process that should involve all departments of a company.

Why? The customer perceives the company as a whole, not as a series of departments responsible for specific stages or operations, and the strategy and approach to the customer should be consistent at every step.

Remember though, CX is a broad concept and can cover 3 areas:

  1. the users of the product / service / application and their experience (User Experience / UX),
  2. employee of our company, i.e. the employee experience (Employee Experience / EX)
  3. potential candidate, participant of the recruitment process, i.e. candidate experience (Candidate Experience / CX).


Does this concern us…?

Companies deal with Customer Experience every day, but not all of them do it consciously. Some claim that it does not concern them, while others say that it is only a matter for the customer service department. And both these claims are wrong, because every company, regardless of the industry in which it operates, takes part in the race for the customer. Today, rather no one questions the function of advertising and marketing in the sales process anymore. It is worth commenting on this: customer experience is the new marketing! A customer’s negative experience with a given brand translates into how the user perceives it, and the more negative the image, the less inclined the customer is to use the brand’s products or services. CX is increasingly often becoming a decisive element in the process of choosing a company by potential customers. Why is this happening? Nowadays we have great opportunities when it comes to finding information (e.g. about services, vendors, brands), comparing them with each other and gaining knowledge. Pandemic times have also moved us very much into the world of digitization and online shopping, which has been a challenge for many companies. In many industries, competing companies charge similar prices for their products, the quality is also quite similar in many cases. And this is why CX is starting to play an increasingly important role in the sales process.


Customer Experience vs. Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the elements that make up the entire Customer Experience process. Therefore, CX is not only a matter of the service department, yet it cannot be denied that this section constitutes a huge pillar of building relations with customers, it is a business card, such a “human face” of a company, product or service. What is more, the service department also collects extensive information about the customer and the level of his or her satisfaction, experiences, satisfaction of contacts with the company, it has the opportunity to accept any comments or complaints, which is always valuable information to be able to develop a product or service in accordance with consumer expectations.


How do we do it?

In Voice Contact Center, first of all, we are prepared for dynamic actions, we have many years of experience in Customer Experience and Customer Service. We have modern technologies which support the whole process. Moreover, we are constantly developing, we constantly learn and observe good practices from the best.

We start our cooperation from researching our clients’ needs, learning about the company’s strategy and its development direction, and then we act! We improve the customer service process and communication, study indicators, analyze system information and direct information from customers, check trends and look for new solutions. Thanks to our capabilities and experience, you and your organization will receive solid support in the CX process, which will translate into real results.


Katarzyna Skrzypiec is a certified trainer associated with Voice Contact Centre. She conducts quality audits and cooperates with Team Leaders, supporting them in their work with the team. For years, she has also been guiding consultant teams to achieve satisfactory results and high quality of service in line with customer guidelines. Katarzyna is a graduate of psychology studies at the Higher School of Economics and Innovation and Polish philology at the Catholic University of Lublin.