We support Allegro in handling a database of more than 250 million offers

OEX Voice Contact Center is supporting Allegro in handling its huge base of more than 250 million offers. This year we have expanded our cooperation in supporting the handling of the productization process.

Our cooperation with Allegro began in 2019 with the provision of customer service and primarily included the handling of chats and emails. In a short period of time, another process was added, which is related to the new product search model on the Allegro platform. Currently, listings with the same product are grouped together, making it easier for customers to find products that meet their needs.

The productization project carried out at OEX VCC initially included one process and started with a team of ten people. Today, we handle three processes, and the team has more than 100 people. We deal with product verification and handle suggestions from merchants. We started the newest process for duplicate verification in early 2022.

Thanks to Productszation, a person searching for specific products on the portal can easily compare offers for the same product. We support Allegro in making sure that the consumer can find all offers that meet his or her expectations.