Primebot on wheels of Techmo

Techmo has joined the group of Voice Contact Center Partners, equipping its proprietary voicebot with additional tools for speech recognition and synthesis.

We are constantly improving our Primebot.  th th proprietary solution for customer service automation  Technically, the bot is first of all an electronic “brain”, which we have taught how to conduct conversations and correctly understand and interpret interlocutors’ statements. The bot’s task is to appropriately direct the dialogue beyond the planned scenarios. Thanks to the partnership with, the Cracow-based company, Techmo, Primebot has gained an additional interface for speech recognition and synthesis.

Our cooperation with Techmo is explained by Piotr Kempa, the creator of Primebot, in a metaphorical but simple way: “It is like equipping our car, created from scratch, with great wheels from Techmo. These wheels are speech recognition and synthesis”. With these elements, Primebot can articulate its texts and understand what a human is saying to it. Techmo’s solution is used by our voicebot to convert human utterances into text and vice versa – it converts the bot’s texts into utterances.

Primebot’s strength is its ability to conduct non-linear dialogue. It can respond to natural speech, not just specific commands. It works perfectly as an intelligent IVR, takes orders, arranges meetings, examines NPS, and supports sales and receivables monitoring processes. Primebot has unlimited scalability, is always available and can significantly reduce operational costs.

The cooperation of Voice Contact Center and Techmo will be particularly appreciated by customers to whom these two technological companies provide the possibility of automation of service processes in the on-premise model.

Techmo is a company providing business solutions in the field of speech recognition and synthesis technologies and computer processing of natural language. Since 2013, the company has been conducting research and development activities based on the latest advances in information technology, using the operation of Deep Neural Networks.