Customer Experience Trends Survey Report

The automation of processes, the development of the use of artificial intelligence, and the growing importance of outsourcing in customer service are just some of the important trends identified by a survey conducted by OEX VCC. We directed an anonymous questionnaire to managers responsible for the Customer Experience area in their organizations. The survey was conducted in substantive cooperation with EduFocus and DobreBadania.

What will CX or customer experience building look like in 3 years? What will change, and what will be particularly important? – We sought answers to such questions by organizing a survey among our clients. Respondents represented e-commerce and retail, banking, financial and insurance segments, FMCG, medical industry, as well as real estate and telecommunications, among others.

According to the majority of respondents (80%), automation of service processes and self-service will be key in companies’ strategies in the coming years. The survey results indicate that automation will definitely go hand in hand with the highest quality of customer service and the best standards of operation.

Nearly 70% of respondents identified voicebots and chatbots as the solutions in which companies will invest the most in the coming years. Other popular technology solutions will be AI systems (based on artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation) directly supporting the work of customer service desk consultants and systems for in-depth data analytics.

“I am convinced that there is no turning back from new technologies in CX, and automated process and customer service will continuously gaiń importance,” he said. Findings from the research interviews, as well as our experience from working with many organizations, indicatę that the most needed solutions arę conversational bots and intelligent systems to support the work of consultants, analytics̨ and quality maintenance. In this area, we expect̨ the fastest technological development and the largest investments. – Ewa Czarnecka, CEO of VCC, comments on the survey results.

One of the issues raised in the survey was remote working. Respondents agree that this collaboration model will remain in customer service teams. More than 50% of respondents indicated that it will be adopted on a permanent basis. The remainder indicated the possibility of using remote work in conjunction with factors such as consultant performance, shift work, or circumstances such as a pandemic.

Another important trend identified by respondents is multilingual customer service. As many as 80 percent of respondents see demand for contact center support in languages other than Polish. Respondents primarily identified English, as well as Ukrainian, as key languages in customer service. In addition, nearly 80 percent of respondents believe that customer service outsourcing will become increasingly important in the coming years.

The survey conducted by VCC points to the growing importance of Customer Experience in Poland. This is an industry that is growing rapidly, and companies such as Voice Contact Center are ensuring the highest standards of customer service, in line with current trends.

“I am glad that decision-makers in the industry indicate that ensuring the highest quality and standards of operation in customer service are extremely important, and that they are increasingly verifying the adopted models of operation by collecting an objective assessment of customers using indicators such as NPS, cSAT or FCR.” – Ewa Czarnecka adds.